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Planika FLA 39″ Bio Ethanol Burner

Planika FLA 39″ Bio Ethanol Burner

Dimensions 39″ W x 12.5″H x 11′ Depth
Planika Fire Line Automatic Ethanol Burners with BEV Technology offers versatility in design . The burner can be built into many different configuration styles, open, single sided, see through, Peninsula, Bay and Island applications. The automatic burner is the most advanced in the industry ensuring the cleanest burning process without any smoke,smell or ash. The flame is produced by combusting ethanol vapor and has no direct contact with the liquid fuel. The unit can hold a capacity of 4.5 gallons of bio fuel and has a max burn time of 31 hours between refills.
Max 23,900 btu – Six Stage Burner – Eff ~ 99%
remote control, auto fill system, Smart Device Control, Smart Home System Compatible

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