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NetZero NZ108 FLA Burner

NetZero NZ108 FLA Burner

Burner Dimensions: 98″ L x 11″ W x 12″H

NetZeroFire Burner allows for custom installs into your own custom built enclosure, build your own non-combustible enclosure in any configuration. Single sided, Corner, Bay, Peninsula or Island, its up to you. Metal interior, Brick interior or even mosaic tile where you can created you own back ground images. This method allows for the creative aspect of your personality to shine. Net Zero also offers Zero Clearance Enclosures to make it easier if you wish.
Burn Time: 31.5 hrs/tank
Tank Capacity: 12.1 gal

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Zero Clearance Enclosures

Single Sided
Left Corner
Right Corner
Three Sided
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