Amantii Build-In Series

Name: Amantii Build-In Series

Dimension: Small / Medium / Large
Type: Build-In Electric Fireplace

Built-in electric fireplaces are a perfect alternative to gas or wood-burning fireplaces. Electric fireplaces solve challenging installation situations and they offer immediate gratification with same-day, easy installation.

  • 16 gauge steel fronts featuring a 45/45/90 degree return with welded corners, sanded, dipped and coated. This equals a 1.5 inch return and gives the product a very rich feel. 
  • BLT-IN-36 & BLT-IN-62 come with three colors of fire glass media.
  • Featuring LED light technology.
  • No heater
  • No fan
  • Unit can be built into the wall with only 1-1/2” (3 cm) protruding into the room.
  • Slim 6” overall depth unit mounts directly on any wall.
  • 12 Volt
  • Remote control for turning the flame on or off (included).
  • Easy to reach manual controls.
  • Fireplace ships in two boxes: one for the unit and one for the front face.

Amantii Product List Brochure (PDF)
Complete Amantii Product List Brochure (PDF)
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